Welcome to the 36th Newcastle National Exhibition of Photography 2018

Welcome to the 36th running of the Newcastle National Exhibition of Photography which is run each year in conjunction with the Newcastle Show.  This year marks the first time that the Exhibition will be conducted using a web based platform developed by MyPhotoClub.

The Exhibition will remain a PRINTS ONLY exhibition, however the entry process this year will require the submission of a digital image of each print for recording and catalogue purposes.  Once the entry process is completed, each entrant will be posted a label to be attached to each of their prints prior to posting or handing to the Newcastle Show office.

To access the entry form you need to log in using your MyPhotoClub account.  If you don’t have a MyPhotoClub account then please register.  You already have an account if you have participated in, judged for, or belong to, a MyPhotoClub club or competition. Click on the MyPhotoClub icon to see a list of MyPhotoClub comps and clubs.